What To Do When Worry Keeps You Awake

We may have outgrown our fear of monsters hiding under the bed, but nighttime anxiety continues to keep many of us awake long past lights out. According to the American Psychological Association, 43 percent of Americans say stress has caused them to lie awake at night at least once a month. So is there a […]

How A Grounded Pilot Used Meditation to Fly Again

Carl Eisen was at the height of his career in the fall of 2007. An Airbus A300 captain in his mid-forties, he was confident and assured, with more than 10,000 hours of experience in the cockpit. His profession required calm, unflappable, singular focus, and Eisen was proud of his ability to perform complicated maneuvers under […]

Anxious? Three Ways to Get Out of Panic Mode

Anxiety disorders adversely affect the lives of about 40 million Americans. They are plagued by insecurity, dread, persistent stress, and irrational fears. Noted essayist and author Barbara Graham reveals her personal story of a lifelong struggle with high anxiety, and details her expansive search for relief and peace of mind. It’s midnight and I’m convinced […]

A Body Scan Meditation to Help You Sleep

A good night’s sleep has a significant impact on our health—helping us feel more energized, less stressed, and able to perform better mentally. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get a full night’s sleep, with only 47 percent of Americans reporting they feel well-rested during the work week. If you’re the kind of person who finds […]

Loving People As They Are

A friend once told me about repeated fights he had with his wife early on in their marriage. Much of their conflict centered on how to have dinner. He liked to eat hurriedly, standing up in the kitchen, getting it over with as quickly as possible. She liked to set the table elegantly, sit down, […]

Teens Win When Parents Practice Mindfulness

Raising children is the ultimate mindfulness practice. And now researchers are trying to figure out whether mindful parenting may affect teen behavior. A recent study looked at if mindfulness instruction might lead to changes in parenting strategies, parent-teen relationships, and problem behaviors like aggression. Researchers had a group of parents participate in the Mindfulness-Enhanced Strengthening […]

Make Peace with Your Anxious Brain

It’s there when I wake up. Something’s wrong. I haven’t opened my eyes yet. A minute ago I was sleeping. But now I’m awake and it’s there, lurking: Something’s wrong. My breathing tightens. I stretch my legs beneath the sheets. I feel my heart beating. The sense of creeping fear is diffuse, elusive, hard to […]

10 Mindfulness Practices from Powerful Women

We’ve gathered 10 mindfulness practices created by women to help you live a generous, compassionate, healthy life. 1) Loving-Kindness with Sharon Salzberg Loving-kindness meditations point us back to a place within, where we can cultivate love and help it flourish. Developing care toward ourselves is the first objective, the foundation for later being able to […]

Three Ways Your Emotions Can Warp Your Decisions

Whether it’s sending a passive-aggressive email to a coworker, or not speaking up when you have a great idea, or even saying something rude when you should have said nothing at all, we’ve all made decisions we regret—and then tortured ourselves by thinking, “What if I’d made a different choice?” That’s where mindfulness comes in. […]

A Meditation for Resting In Awareness

We have all tasted the “boundarylessness” of awareness on those occasions when we were able to suspend our own point of view momentarily and see from another person’s point of view and feel with him or her. We call this feeling empathy. If we are too self-absorbed and caught up in our own experience in […]

The Science of Bouncing Back from Trauma

The Vietnam War veteran had enlisted when he was young, serving two combat tours and surviving multiple firefights. “To this day,” said psychologist Jack Tsai of the Yale School of Medicine, “his war memories are triggered by certain smells that remind him of Vietnam”: overgrown vegetation, the acrid stench of burning, or even sweat—like that […]

Transforming Self-Care into a Passionate Movement

Over the past eight weeks, we’ve begun changing our perspective of self-care, taking it from a purely individual pursuit to one that relies on community, and filling our toolbox with best practices, resources, and practical tips along the way. Now, for this final installment of the “Self-Care in Politically Charged Times” Series, we’re going to […]

You Already Know Your Passion: Here’s How to Reveal It

Everyone these days is told again and again to “live our passion.” But what if you don’t know what you’re passionate about? With a little mindful investigation, your passion will start to reveal itself, because when you quiet the mind you can hear what your awareness already knows. Then, you can confidently make decisions about […]

Trying Compassion on Capitol Hill

Episode 33 of the Science of Happiness Podcast from the Greater Good Science Center, featuring Tim Ryan in conversation with Dacher Keltner.    Episode 33: Trying Compassion on Capitol Hill 15:16 CONGRESSMAN TIM RYAN: Recently in my own campaign for re-election I had an opponent who was just bashing me for not doing anything and never got anything […]

Feeling Lonely? Embrace Compassion

As part of the “Real Love with Sharon Salzberg” event hosted by Women of Wisdom and Mindful, meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg discussed the true meaning of love for ourselves, others and life. The following is an excerpt of her talk.   Real Love with Sharon Salzberg 4:39 As the world has evolved, whether it’s in a personal way or it’s in a global way, we […]