A Mindful Pity Party: Meditating While Sick

It’s a beautiful weekend. Probably the first beautiful weekend we’ve had in a while and…I’m sick! A kindly friend gently reminds me it’s only a throat virus, and I internally combust: NO, it’s not ONLY a throat virus, pal, it’s MY throat virus…it’s happening to me…which makes it the most horrible, insufferable thing, ever. Idiot. […]

Finding Your Way Back Home

Dena Simmons, EdD, grew up in a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx with her three sisters and her mother, an immigrant from Antigua who came to the US with $25 in her pocket. Simmons’ mother was fiercely dedicated to giving her daughters more opportunities than she’d had herself. So, after the rent, the family’s financial […]

Are You Addicted to Doing?

Perhaps you’re familiar with this experience: After a long week of work, the weekend finally arrives. It’s time to wind down, relax, and do nothing. However, before 9 a.m. Saturday morning you’ve organized three social appointments, ordered a new IKEA closet, and set in motion four other plans that will keep you active for the […]

A 15-Minute Meditation to Focus the Mind

Meditation practice often feels like something to get through, something good for us, like medicine. But as we become more familiar with practicing mindfulness, we can begin to enjoy it as an opportunity to simply be—to inhabit our body and be wherever we are without having to do anything in particular. Obviously there’s nothing wrong […]

Why We Need an Empathy Revolution

It’s hard to watch someone who is suffering. We may feel their pain or absorb their sorrow; we may worry that we won’t know what to do or say. Those uncomfortable moments might make us turn away from their distress—to preserve our own well-being or to carry on with our lives. But this is the […]

Mindfulness Wants You to Get Real With Yourself

What are automatic thoughts? We’ve all “zoned out” during a meeting at work, or had that outer body experience of driving home yet not being able recall how we got from point A to point B. These habits help us navigate well-worn routes, but they can be unhelpful insofar as they provide knee-jerk reactions to […]

Meditation for Beginners

A lot of us might think of trying meditation, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Mindfulness meditation consists of three simple steps: take a good seat pay attention to the breath and when your attention wanders, come back to your breath. Below, Mindful’s Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce takes us through the basics […]

The Embarrassing Truth of Self-Care

Self-care can be touchy subject. It certainly was for me. I used to think that “self-care” was for privileged, entitled, lucky folks who were out of touch with the lives of real people. And that made me angry. Jealous and snarky. I conjured self-care as something for Lululemon-wearing stay-at-home mommies heading off to pilates vs […]

A 10-Minute Meditation for Focussing the Mind

The moment of noticing a thought is a very powerful moment. It’s really where the real meditation occurs. That’s because there’s a spark of insight at that point, what in technical terms is called meta-awareness: you’re aware of your thought process, not just caught up in it. Now at that moment, there’s lots of possibility. […]

How to Be Mindful in Love

It shouldn’t take a holiday like Valentine’s Day to remind you to pause and reflect on the relationships you value in your life. Whether it be with colleagues, friends, lovers, or a spouse, you can always benefit from taking a step back, appreciating the love you have in your life and making the time to […]

Can Mindfulness Make Us Less Mean to Our Mates?

You sit on your new meditation cushion—the lovely purple one stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls—and nestle into your favorite shawl. You are looking forward to an uninterrupted mindfulness session. The room is blissfully quiet and you have no commitments this afternoon—not until your Valentine’s dinner with your sweetheart tonight. You gather your attention, inviting it […]

Be Mindful with a Cup of Cocoa

A modern symbol of decadence and love, chocolate was first consumed thousands of years ago in Mesoamerica, where cacao beans were roasted and combined with water, spices, and other ingredients to make a flavorful beverage. Mayan and Aztec societies considered cacao a gift from the gods and used it as currency and in religious ceremonies. […]

The Science of Staying in Love

We all hope to find a healthy, engaging relationship with a special someone—but the truth is, a long-term partner is a lot harder to find (and keep) than they make it look in the movies. So what gives? It turns out, “falling in love” and “building a relationship” activate completely different parts of the brain, […]

Meditation is About Recovering and Starting Again

As part of the “Real Love with Sharon Salzberg” event hosted by Women of Wisdom and Mindful, meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg discussed the true meaning of love for ourselves, others and life. The following is an excerpt of her talk.   Real Love with Sharon Salzberg 3:00 The first meditation instruction I ever got was sit down and feel your breath, just feel the natural […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Remember “RAIN”

When I was in college, I went off to the mountains for a weekend of hiking with an older, wiser friend of twenty-two. After setting up our tent, we sat by a stream, watching the water swirl around rocks, talking about our lives. At one point she described how she was learning to be “her […]